Friday, 11 May 2012


Today's blog entry comes from a reader of this blog, Ayse Kuru Ozdemir, who will hereafter be referred as A.O. She is a mother of two and is also the owner of a graphic design and printing business called Printcraft Wall Decals. However, none of her busy life requirements seems to be stopping her from reading this blog on a regular basis. Nor does it seem to stop her from 'making things' and having a great time with her young children. 

Thank you A. O. very much for your very motivating feedback and for taking the time to share your own project inspired by one of my previous blog entries/tutorials here with us. 

Below is what she has sent us. Enjoy!

It's my son Y.'s  8th birthday in late June. We decided to give him the hard work of deciding what he would like to do. 

He ended up wanting a tiny party for 3 of his best friends. 

Handmade cake stand

He said he wanted a Mario Brothers party, all colourful... We did lots of researching with him, found most things to suit his party, like hats, shirts, slippers, cakes, pop cakes etc but no pre-made Mario stands.

When I saw your blog about the DIY stand, I showed him and asked him if he thinks we can make one too. Oh My God! He was so happy :-) The idea of making his own Mario stand was very exciting for him.


DIY cake stand

My son loves doing crafty work. So, it was a really good experience for him, creating his own stand with the colours he likes. From the start to the end, he was involved in the entire process. 

Kids activities

We first went shopping together to a party supplier, and chose what he wanted. He decided on the sizes of the layers. Then, we hopped on the laptop and worked around the colours, and came up with the designs. 

Hubby and I do graphic design and printing. So, we then went to the office and got them all printed. I also got a few extra stickers of Mario printed to use later on and finally at home, we put them all 
together and there you go: A DIY stand inspired by 'My Made by Y' :-)

Mario Brothers cupcake stand

Thank you so much for your great blogs. I really enjoy reading them. Your ideas are excellent, things I love but can't think of!

You are a great inspiration!

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