Tuesday, 8 May 2012


The tips below are the most commonly approved teaching methods of vocabulary especially for babies and young children universally. They can be used in teaching kids a second language as well as the mother tongue.  All you need to do is that whatever language is your target language, apply the methods below using that particular language. These are recommended especially for enhancing vocabulary.
  1. Read out loud.
  2. Talk. Conversations are a really great tool in language development at any age. 
  3. Introduce words. Name things as often as you can and try to use different words when talking to your child. Do not underestimate your child's learning capability. As they say, their brains are like sponges. Don't hesitate to use a good variety of words from your rich vocabulary when labeling or talking about things. 
The list can be expanded with other methods such as 'show and tell' but the most basic three rules are the ones listed above.

Enjoy a day when you teach someone something useful today!

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