Thursday, 1 May 2014

What A Woman Wants

Here is the secret: we want to feel loved and cared for. We want to love and care. We want to achieve and accomplish. We want to make our loved ones smile and we want to smile. We want to share and we want to be spoilt. Not so hard to please, are we?

Crafty gifts
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You are looking for a gift for a special woman in your life (daughter, mother, wife, friend etc) but are clueless? Well, here is the good news: you can easily make a woman happy without having to pay an amount that you cannot afford to pay. Even putting a few things together with some love and extra attention would easily please most women. Just make sure to pay extra attention to details. Us women love details!

Gift ideas for knitters

Here are a few photos of some crafty gift ideas for your inspiration. You can pick and choose items to customise for your special person according the person's interests or your budget. 

Knitting and sewing gifts

Gifts for crocheters and knitters

Gifts - flowers
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Wishing you a day when you can make someone smile!


Heather said...

My partner and I were really wondering what to get for my mum for Mothers' Day, and finally settled on making something - she's getting her sewing room back after needing it for storage while there were renovations in their bedroom, and I found a discounted 5 space photo frame, and rather than putting photos in it I used scrapbooking paper to fill in each space with embellishments and cute quotes. She can hang it on her wall - once she gets it back!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Very clever and crafty Heather! I have a feeling that it will be much loved and you taking the time and putting the effort into making something for her is priceless.



Mrs. Lucky said...


Sam Jinadasa said...

Very true

Mrs. Lucky said...

It is Sam, isn't it? Thanks for your comment by the way.

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