Tuesday, 22 April 2014

From Mama to Bubba (2): A Favourite Top Turned into a Dress

Do you remember my 'From Mama to Bubba (1)' post? Well, this is another little handmade gift from me to my little beauty even though it is not necessarily the second in terms of order. However, just to make it easy to track on the blog, I have named it as the second. 

From a top to a dress

My daughter is a happy little girl. She loves her pink and she loves her tutus. She loves dancing and singing. She is clever and energetic. I wanted to make something that I believed she would love and luckily, my mother instinct was right! 

Using one of her favourite tops, which was becoming too small for her to wear especially in the next summer months, I made her a dress. It was actually my first time type of a project with a gathered skirt. The Internet is definitely not short on turning t-shirts to dresses, nor does it disappoint one in gathered skirt tutorials. I did not actually follow a particular tutorial as I had a clear idea on what I wanted to make with that top. I simply used my common sense and current ability to sew and put it all together.

handmade frilly dress

I used a wide ribbon not only because it looks good but also to hide the unpleasant look of the joint where the pink top and the gathered skirt are sewn together. Even though my petite daughter can get in and out of the dress without much hassle for the moment, it is obvious that the dress will not last long for her as it is not flexible. I should have made the waist flexible. Well, lets take it as a note to self for the next time!

Dress with a frilly skirt

What I love about this project of mine is that first of all, it made my precious one happy and that is totally priceless. Secondly, it is an upcycling project and my daughter will get to use one of her favourite tops for a bit longer instead of having to say farewell to it very soon. Also, it is frilly, girly, handmade and my own effort for my daughter. It is also a part of a learning process too. To me, it is a win-win. What do you think?

Gathered tutu skirt

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