Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Lemons act as a natural garment whitener. You can use lemon in whitening coloured clothes as well as whites. Here are a few recipes for you. 

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Try boiling some water with a few slices of fresh lemon. Once it boils, turn the heat off and add your garments to be whitened (eg. socks, linen, table clothes etc) (The lemon mixture should be approximately 5 sliced lemons or 1 cup of lemon juice for 3.5-4litres (1 gallon) of water). Leave them to soak for up to an hour and then wash as usual. Drying your garments in sunlight also helps whitening.

Alternatively, you can rub some lemon into the stains directly before washing them. If you add some 
salt to it, it will perform as a scrub and may work better if the stain is tough (eg grass stains). 


Karen said...

Wow - great to know. now if my daughter and I can stop eating the lemons I might give it a go!!!

Mrs. Lucky said...

I have a similar situation here Karen. My husband, son and daughter love their lemons and we do not really have many extras laying around in most cases (one of the reasons why we planted 2 lemon and 1 lime trees this year!). My daughter eats lemon without a twitch!

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