Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Do you remember Jama's post on how to organise fabrics? It was quite useful to many and it has been shared on facebook by some readers several times and it is on Pinterest too. There various ways to keep our fabrics nice and tidy and Jama was kind enough to share the way she does it here. Now that our fabrics are in order, I thought it is the time we move on to the endless amount of threads that most of us people who are into designing, sewing and crafts at an amateur or a professional level have.

diy craftroom organiser

Here is a great looking and easy to achieve handmade storage idea for you from a non-English blog, which I have recently discovered. I was given permission to share this idea and the photos for you from the generous original writer. You can visit her blog by clicking here and browse through all those beautiful crafty ideas and projects. In most cases, just the photos are good enough to tell you all about it even if you are unable to read the writings.

All you need for this organiser idea is a frame, a soft canvas base, and some pins. Isn't that a great idea?

Handmade storage for threads

Note: You could substitute the pins with some nails if you are concerned that they may not hold your threads well. 

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