Monday, 18 June 2012


Recently, I have seen someone freezing milk for later use as she had too much milk to consume for a short period of time and she did not want to waste any of it. I did some research on freezing milk for long-term storage and it seems that you CAN freeze fresh milk if needed. Here is the instructions for you: 
  • Use pasteurised milk only (if you have raw fresh milk, then first boil it and then let it cool). 
  • Put your milk in a freezer safe container, bag or a glass jar for health and safety purposes (leave some room for expansion).
  • Place it in your freezer for upto a month approximately.
  • When ready to consume, thaw it. 
Note: It is claimed that when the milk is frozen and thawed, the texture of it changes slightly and becomes somewhat grainy. It is also mentioned in various sources that frozen milk's quality lessens when compared with fresh milk (unfrozen). This type of milk is best consumed in cooking even though it is fine to drink it as well. Frozen milk is totally safe to consume. 

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