Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Today's tutorial comes from a 15 year old reader of mine, S. A. Thank you S. A. for the worded and pictured tutorial of yours. You are sure to be an inspiration to many!

For this artwork, you will need some crayons. The number of crayons depends on the size of your canvas and your preference. However, for this particular example, 24 crayons were used in various colours. Lay them on your canvas and secure with some sticky tape. You can arrange the colours according to your taste. It can be from light to dark or mixed. Once your crayons are stuck to the canvas, you need to use a hairdryer and put it close to the crayons to melt them. It doesn't take long for the crayons to start melting. It is recommended that you do not have your hairdryer working on high speed as it would result in some splashes in and outside of your canvas. 

art with crayons
If you believe that certain colours have melted more than others, then just put your hairdryer on others more for them to melt more as well. 
canvas art

art at home
How much you will need to let the crayons melt totally depends on the look you would like to have at the end. 

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