Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lunch Ideas for School Kids (6)

After a bit of a break, here I am with more lunch ideas for school kids for you. Don't get me wrong when I say 'ideas for kids', they could be just for anyone's outing or work day too, really. If someone made me these everyday, trust me, I would not complain at all! In saying that, it is true that I am the one that makes these for my kids every school day, but I just can't manage my time or energy around preparing one for myself too. Mine is often so much more boring. I know, it is disappointing. Hubby also gets quite jealous of our children's freshly made foods that are mostly homegrown or homemade, since the best he can get out of me is pretty much the homemade bread that I bake that he can make himself some sandwiches or toasts with. Oh no, thinking about it, it sounds a bit cruel. Anyway, lets not get into too much unnecessary detail here now and lets move onto the lunchbox ideas of this post.

1. Lunch and Snack
  • Cream cheese, chia seeds and linseed wraps
  • Red and green capsicums
  • Kiwi 

2. Lunch and Snack
  • Cream cheese, chia seeds and sunflower seed wrap
  • Red capsicums and celery sticks
  • Apple 
  • Mandarin

3. Snack (for two)

  • Avocado dip
  • Carrot sticks
  • Celery sticks

3. Lunch and Snack

  • Avocado and chia seed sandwich
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Capsicum sticks
  • Apple 
  • Banana

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