Monday, 6 July 2015

Reptiles or Not

Once you have at least some basic sewing skills, life becomes more exciting; both for you and for the ones you enjoy putting a smile on the face of.

My daughter's best male friend, whom she has known since babyhood, had a 'reptile' themed birthday party last month. Believe it or not, it was full of LIVE snakes to say the least! You guess the rest. Not a party to forget anytime soon for sure.

As for the dinosaur tie in pictures here, well, you have guessed it right. It was a part of our gifts on the day (even though it is arguable whether dinosaurs were from the reptile family or not, but I thought it would still make a great gift as I haven't met a little boy who doesn't like dinos so far and yes, I was right, he DID love it!)

I have found the tie tutorial and pattern here on I am Sharing the Wealth and listened to the advice of Vanilla Joy on keeping the fabric ends around the neck short to make it more comfortable to wear. It was actually an enjoyable little project and didn't take long to put together either!

Lets make someone smile today!

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