Sunday, 8 June 2014

Two People to Smile

With the hope of making someone smile while adding some excitement to the business, I would like to offer two $15 vouchers from my MADE BY Y handmade business. It means a giveaway of two vouchers vaued at $30 in total. I hope that makes someone smile!

The rules of the game are as easy as can be. 

-No requirement of 'sharing' my business page or items on your Fb page, even though it would just be lovely. 
-No requirement of a 'like' on the MADE BY Y page, unless you'd like to do so and are looking forward to the updated designs and posts to appear in your newsfeed. 
-You don't have to let others know of the giveaway, despite how wonderful it would be.
-No hassle, no stress, only have fun! 

What you do need to do though is
1. Go to MADE BY Y, browse through albums and decide on one particular item as your favourite.
2. Under the picture of the item, comment saying why it is your favourite MADE BY Y item (and let me know that you are there for the giveaway too). 
3. You are in!

The giveaway will end on Wednesday (11th of June 2014) at 9pm (VIC, Australia). The vouchers to be used by the 30th of June, 2014. The winners will be contacted shortly after. Thank you all for playing!

Have fun!

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