Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Happy Kids, Happy Mum!

Easy way to keep kids busy

As far as I can remember, I had never looked after someone else's child up until the other day. A friend of mine needed a carer for her daughter for a day and I put my hand up, even though I was a bit anxious about it. I know the little girl and my children love spending time with her. It definitely made it easier that they get along well.

DIY canvas for kids

Luckily, our little guest had great manners and her interests were similar to my children's. There were lots of reading, chatting, puzzles etc. during the day (actually, at some stage, my son was walking around with a crown on his head! Oh girls! They know how to make boys do things for sure). I didn't really need to come up with activity ideas for them most of the day but I did suggest a few little things which they happily accepted.

Butterfly and bird painted by kids

One of the favourites on the day was the outdoor painting activity. If you have been following my blog, you would know that we have been renovating since towards the end of last year. We have completed most of it but there are still some jobs to do before we can call it 'all done'. One advantage of this process is that we have got lots of cardboards around. We try to get rid of them slowly, putting them in our recycling bin whenever possible but we still have heaps. On the day, I basically cut one large piece nice and neatly and gave it to the kids to use as a canvas. They took one of their paint sets, took a paint brush each and simply got started.  They all had a great amount of space for their masterpieces.

A car by a 5yo

A house by a 5yo child

This would make a perfect party activity and it won't even cost much. Just make sure you have got nice sized cardboards, enough paint brushes to avoid any tears and screaming; and an art smock each so that no-one ends up with a set of clothes covered in paint to go back home with. All you need after this is to sit back and enjoy the sound of laughter and the bright, proud eyes on the children's faces!

Teaching kids hand embroidery
(Our little guest learning hand-embroidery)
Snack ideas for kids
(A snack platter from the day)
 Have a fantastic day!


Ozlem Alpcan said...

Hmmm, I'll send my two boys immediately :)

Melodi Photography said...

I love their cute artwork! Great job! :)

Mrs. Lucky said...

Hehehe Ozlem. Both your boys are most welcome (no promise for the amount of fun and dirt/stains they may end up having during the day though. We will find it out at the end of the day ;-) )

Mrs. Lucky said...

I totally agree with you Melodi Photography, very artistic indeed. Their artwork is fantastic!

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