Sunday, 26 January 2014

A No-Sew Makeover in Half an Hour: DIY Chair Cover

No-sew upcycling project

Here is my no-sew project from the other day: a new DIY swirl chair cover. It took me less than half an hour to come up with this beauty!

Office chair makeover

The chair works perfectly fine but the cover on it was a bit boring and not in its best shape in my opinion. So, I decided to try my hand at re-upholstering it and I must admit, this has been one of my most favourite upcycling projects to date. I am just in love with the outcome!

What I used was a staple gun, a hammer (to hammer the staples down when/if they were not in properly), a screw driver and my choice of fabrics.  (Depending on how your existing chair is assembled, what you will need to use may differ. Eg. Allen key instead of a screwdriver).

Fabric options

The process was quite straight forward. I simply took the screws off the backing on the seat and the back support, separated them using some muscle power, stapled the new fabrics on them making sure that the fabrics were well stretched(I chose not to remove the original cover on it), attached the back pieces back on, put the pieces together again and voila!

Re-upholsterings swirl chairs

How to renew an old chair

Re-upholstering office chairs

The whole procedure took us approximately half an hour. It is a perfect and very affordable way of adding some colour to your home or jazzing up your room.  

Swivel chair make over

There is nothing like having something that has your (or your loved ones') touches all over it at home. It just is so unique and special. 

DIY chair cover

Enjoy the beauty of some personal touches in your life today!


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I love it! I love the fabric you used it's fantastic. Great make over!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thanks Mel. I am truly in love with it. It is so fresh and cheerful.

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

What a funky chair!

Mrs. Lucky said...

It is Jenya, isn't it? I quite enjoy even just looking at it. It now is quite precious to us.

Hülya Kutlubay said...

Harika olmuş, bayıldım, çok da kolay gibi görünüyor:) Ben de kızımın çalışma sandalyesini değiştirebilirim sanırım. Harika paylaşım olmuş, sevgiler :)

Mrs. Lucky said...

Tesekkur ederim Hulya Kutlubay. Gercekten cok keyifli bir proje. Muhakkak dene derim. Ben hala buyuk bir keyifle kullaniyorum bu yenilenmis haldeki sandalyemi. Simdiden kolay gelsin.

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