Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Word Puzzle for Beginner Readers

My son is a kindergarten student and is at the early stages of reading. He knows his alphabet, he is familiar with the sounds the letters make (phonetics) and is able to read some short words. I have recently made this puzzle for him using some of the words that he can read and we had a great time working on it together. I was more of a guidance available to him and he took the lead happily as soon as he understood the requirements of the activity. He did this just before he went to his kindergarten the other day and before he left home, he asked me if I could prepare him another one for him to work on after kinder that day. Well, this is my proof that this activity is a winner!

The list of the words in the puzzle is written on the bottom of the page. The list can be folded under or cut if you prefer your child to work on it without seeing the words/clues. However, I chose to include them and asked my son to use the list when he isn't sure what the missing letters may be. To me, it is a study skill and it worked well for my son.

Click here to access the printable puzzle as a PDF file.

Enjoy every minute of the quality time you have with your loved ones!


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

what a great idea, pinning, my two are just a little young for this but it wont be long

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thanks Mel. I still can't believe when my son came to a stage where he has started reading some short words. Time surely flies. I hope your little ones find the puzzle helpful and fun too when they are ready for it. Thanks for the pin :-)

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