Monday, 8 July 2013

DIY KIDS: Bucket Stilt Balancing Fun

Diy Kids Toys

Here, it is the second week of school holidays. In my opinion, it is a great time to stock up on some easy and affordable activity/toy ideas to keep the little ones happily busy. Busy kids, happy parents!

Easy DIY Kids Toys

Stilt walking challenge will not only amaze your child(ren) during their school-free time but is sure to make a great party activity too.

DIY Kids Activities

What you need for this stilt fun is as follows:

- a drill to make holes with, 
- some rope, 
- two buckets, strong enough to carry your child(ren).

Simply, drill two holes on the bottom of your buckets across from each other just large enough for your rope to go through. Secure each side of the rope with a knot inside the bucket, where the holes are. Make another knot less than halfway through the rope on the outside and voila! That is all there is to it. 

DIY Toys for Kids

Have a joyful day!


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

What a brilliant idea, pinning this, my kids would love it!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thank you Mel. Easy, affordable and so much fun. I believe it has it all. Thanks for the pinning too :-)

Barb. said...

We used to make these, a long time ago...using the tin cans that fruit or baked beans came in. Was fun but we did have a few sore ankles until we got the hang of it.


Mrs. Lucky said...

I know what you mean Barb. It is challenging but that only makes it even more appealing for kids, I think. Initially, we gave our son as much help as he asked for but now, he is just happy to do his stilt walking on his own even if it means a few little accidents. By the way, I loved your 'backyard' blog was unable to follow you as it gave an error message everytime I tried.

solange said...

très intéressant merci

Mrs. Lucky said...

I am glad you have enjoyed it solange. Thank you for the comment.

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