Thursday, 13 September 2012


Excitedly announcing my new giveaway here for you all! Any of my new and existing followers on this blog anywhere in the world are all welcome to join. There will be three winners.  Good luck!

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  2. List as many of your childhood games and toys as you can in the comments section below to win. Describe the games/toys for people who have never had any experience with them. Each game/toy is to be mentioned once only but variations of the same game are welcome. 
  • The person with the highest number of clearly described games and/or toys will be the first winner and will have the luxury of choosing his/her choice of 3 prizes from the list below. 
  • The second winning person with the second highest number of clearly described games and/or toys from childhood will get to choose 1 prize from the remaining list. 
  • The third winner will be able to claim the last prize that is left on the sponsored prizes list below.
  • Each and every entrant from Melbourne will be able to eligible for a 20% discount for their first purchase from Organic Origins (if within the delivery area. See their website for delivery areas). 
  • Notes: 1) If more than one person has listed the same number of games/items with similar descriptive qualities, the person who has commented earlier than the other(s) will be chosen as the winner. 2) It is not mandatory but it would be nice to go and check out the sponsoring business's pages and show them some appreciation perhaps by placing a 'like' on their facebook pages and/or by leaving a comment (make sure you mention in your comment that you found them through Home of Homemade Treasures Blog). 3) You are most welcome to share this post and spread the word using your social media tools. It would be lovely to bring back memories of childhood games. 

* Please note that by entering this competition, you agree to give permission to the owner of Home of Homemade Treasures blog to use the content of your entry for future use. 

* The competition ends at 8pm (Melbourne time) on Wednesday, 10th of October 2012. The winners will be announced within a week. 


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Mel said...

You know I'm sitting looking at all these amazing prizes and can't think of a single game, other than tickle torture, which was my sister and I pinning my little brother down and tickling him until he could no longer stand it. I was a horrible child!

Kim Threlfo said...

GAME 1: High-pre-presto
This game was for 2 or more players. One person stands and the front and says 'high-pre-' the next word said would indicate what sort of handstand they would then do in front of the group. The rest of the group follows with the same handstand. Some examples are 'high-pre-MILKSHAKE' where we would do a handstandds and shake our legs in the air, or 'high-pre-DOGGYWALK' wherre we would walk on our hands across the lawn. The person who stayed on their hands the longest was the next person in. This game was both physical and inspired the imagination because we were always inventing new 'high-pre's'.

GAME 2: Elastics. In this game we would start with a length of elastic around our ankles and chant the rhyme 'Elgland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside outside, inside out'. We would jump over the elastic as we chanted the rhyme, ending by jumping out. If you stood on the elastic or didn't manage to jump over it you were out and had to take an end and let the next peron have a go. This was a great game for three kids at once. Once you mastered ankles the elastic elvated to knees, then waist and finally the elusive 'neckies'. One of our friends would amaze us with her 'neckies jumping.

GAME 3: Jump rope: With three or more players, two would turn the long rope while the other players rang in and jumped to a song or chant. Double dutch using two ropes was a bigger challenge and an absolute favourite.
GAME 4: Hide and go seek: One person would be in and would count to an agreed number while everyone else hid with in an agreed boundary. When the person counting was ready they would yell 'coming, ready or not!' and would search around looking for the hidden players. The counting spot was home base and the hidden players could come out of hiding and race to get back to home base before the person that was in. This one was great in our big back yard with lots of players till the boy down the lane went head first into home base 9our wooden laundry door!) He went crying all the way home and his headbutt mark still exists on that spot at my parents house to this day!

GAME 5: 'Best in the World', this game was based purely on imagination. We would all tell each other what we were 'Best in the world' at and then play that person in the game. Sometimes you were the best swimmer, the best rollar skater, the prettiest etc. We played this all the time, lots of fun.

GAME 6: One of our favourite places to play was an old caravan in our backyard that we used as a cubby house. Here we played tea parties, we played house, we would pick leaves and flowers and make pretend meals out of them. A great little childhood place where we could always invent a new game.

GAME 7: We would climb a tree and pretend different branches were different rooms in a house

Game 8: Stuck in the mud: One person would be in and they were chasing everyone else. If you got tipped you had to stand where you were with your legs apart. If someone crawled through your legs without getting tipped, they freed you.

Kim Threlfo said...

This is my second submission as it wouldn't accapt it as one because it was too many words!
BOARD GAMES: We loved board games and cards we played :
1. Yahtzee
2. Cluedo
3. Monopoly
4. Guess Who
5. Poker
6. Go fish
7. Rich man poor man
8. Trivial Pursuit
9. Connect 4
10. Game of Life
11. Hungry Hippo's
12. Mouse Trap
13. Scattegories
14. UNO
15. Concentration
16. We loved playing a game using folder paper. You would draw a funny character head and fold the paper down leaving only the neck showing. Then exchange paper and draw a body to the unseen head, folding the paper down so only the top of the legs were showing. Finally you would swap again and add a set of legs at the bottom. When finished the paper would be unravelled to reveal the funnt creature created
17. Tic Tac Toe
18. Hopscotch
19. Bike riding in a group around the streets

1. Barbies
2. Cabbage Patch Dolls
3. Transformers
4. My child dolls
5. Hoola hoops
6. Roller skates and later roller blades
7. Strawberry shortcake
8. My Little Pony
9. etch a sketch

We loved to swim and had lots of pool games
1. Pony races, when we would ride our pool ponies across the pool and see who could go the fastest and stay on the longest
2. Underwater race, who could swim the furthest underwater
3. Who could stay under the longest
4. We would pretend we were mermaids and float around on a boogey boards.

This is all I have time to submit for now, but thankyou for taking me on a massive walk down memory lane, remembering my childhood and all the fun it was with my two sisters!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Mel, you are funny! By the way, as the youngest child of my family, I feel for your brother :-)

Mrs. Lucky said...

Kim, you have so many great games listed there! It is so lovely to read through them and bring back some of my memories too. It is scary how we can forget things sometimes and funny how it can all come back when someone else mentions it. Thank you for your contribution. By the way, are you a follower yet? (Only followers' entries will be counted and you have a great chance to win it as long as you are a follower too).

Jess said...

1. Twister
2. Hopscotch
3. murder in the dark
4. Cheat (a card game I used to play with my cousins)
5. Matchbox cars (I played with my brother's)
6. Lego
7. Trouble
8. Donkey Kong (the original handheld computer game)
9. Snap (card game)
10. Go Fish (card game)
11. A rag doll that used to be my favourite, she had red hair like me :)
12. My brother's remote control car
13. Chasey
14. Hide and seek
15. Water fights- these were the best fun, we used to fill balloons to start with but it always ended up with large containers being filled and tipped on all participants
16. Heads down, thumbs up (in class)
17. Hangman
18. Kiss chasey (got in trouble for that one at school lol)
19. Tennis on our street with a chalk drawn court
20. Handball
21. Marbles
22. Chess
23. Checkers
24. Backgammon
25. Monkeys barrel game (I think this one may still be around today!)
26. Poison ball
27. Red rover (all over!!)
28. Treasure Island (a board game I used to play with my grandma when she babysat me and she always lost lol)

Katherine said...

1) Polly pockets
2) Barbie
3) my little pony
4) Bonnie (wish I kept these as no longer made)
5) Quinns (I did keep these thank goodness as also no longer made)
6) crash dummies- loved putting Barbie in the car and my brother would crash it into a wall lol
7) cabbage patch doll
8) good ole Lego!
9) fashion drawing set- place the templates in the holder and colour over- mix and match to make different looks
10) I had this doll with a special wand you would press the button to place Velcro jewels in her hair and on her dress- loved her!
11) mousetrap- how good is this game!
12) kerplunk always took so long to set up compared to playing lol
13) UNO
14) skip bo- big favorite when we went on holidays with the aunties and uncles
15) Atari!!!!! Mum got us an old Atari as others were upgrading to nintendos etc
16) trampoline- I lived on this! Fell off many times. And bumped my head when jumping out of the tree house on to it and bounce back up and hit a branch
17) elastic- held by friends legs, for dining chairs when you have no one to play with at home and jump and skip between it
18) also remember this game with a looped piece of wool weaves in your fingers and create shapes by hanging how you hold it
19) yo yo- never going do any of the cool tricks
20) roller skates- every Friday night or Saturday morning my best friend and I would go to the skating rink!
21) push bikes
22) hoola hoop- always skipping with one on the trampoline
23) skipping rope- also on the rtrampoline many times
24) dress ups- remember this basket mum had of assorted grown up clothes in there. We loved it!
25) coloring in books
26) game of life- brother and I had no idea how to play this game but always made up our own version
27) wooden blocks- loved when dad played this with us, being a builder he knew exactly how to create a stable base and be able to build it as tall as he was. Then we'd knock it down in seconds
28) slot cars- my brothers but he did share sometimes
29) French cricket... Whether that's what it's really called but that's what we called it. Bat in front of your legs and bowler could bowl from any side you'd kind of spin in a circle. Your legs acted as the wickets

Gah I'm stumped now!
I can't picture any more of my bedroom or the toy cupboard!

Mrs. Lucky said...

So great to see so many toys and games being mentioned here. Can't wait to see even more! Just one note though: Make sure you DESCRIBE your listings as well. Describe it in a way that people from another part of the world or the newer generations that may have never heard of them can understand what you are talking about as well. Thank you!

Shiitake said...

1. Boggle – 5x5 square of dice with letters. In 3 minutes you have to make as many words as possible with those letters.
2. Cats cradle – a piece of string with the ends tied together to form a big loop. Basically loop it between your fingers and the partner then loops it through their fingers and takes it off yours to make different shapes/patterns
3. Elastics – a large piece of elastic tied at the ends. Two people stand inside the elastic and stretch it. Third person then catches the elastic with their foot and jumps it.
4. Twister – game with file lines of coloured spots. Someone spins a wheel with arrow that points to a body part and colour and everyone has to put a body part on the right colour. First one to fall is out.
5. Jenga – lengths of wooden sticks laid in layers in a tower. Pull a stick out from the bottom and pick on the top with the aim to not have the tower topple
6. Limbo – stick set at various heights that people have to go under backwards without touching the stick. Once everyone has gone through the stick gets lowered. Aim is to go as low as possible.
7. Pickup sticks – a bunch of coloured sticks (like skewers) that are tangled in a pile. Each person takes a turn to take a stick out without disturbing the pile. If the pile moves it is the next persons go. Aim is to get as many sticks as possible.
8. Connect 4/Four in a Row – 7 x 6 grid and the first person to get 4 in a row wins.
9. Noughts & Crosses – 3 x 3 grid, one person is noughts and the other crosses, first to get 3 in a row.
10. Cubby Houses – nothing more required than a sheet/blanket and something to drape them over. Dining room table and chairs are always a good option.
11. Kiss Chasey – you chase until you catch the person and give them a big kiss!
12. Go Fish – card game. 7 cards to each player. Take out all pairs and then the first person to go asks the next person if they have card they need to make a pair. If they do they have to hand the card over, if not they have to “Go Fish” and pick a card up from the pile of remaining cards. Aim is to pair up all your cards first.
13. Speed – card game for two people. Each person gets dealt half a deck of cards. Lay them out like you would in solitaire/patience. Then from the remainder of the card each person deals one card and then tries to put out their cards in sequence (up or down). The person who goes out then gets to pick the smallest deck and the game goes again until one person is out.
14. Snap – card game for two people, each person gets dealt the same number of cards and each person puts down a card. When the cards match you say Snap!
15. HopScotch – draw hopscotch grid on the ground and get a stone. Toss the stone onto the grid and you need to hop to the other end missing the square with the stone.

Shiitake said...

16. Lego – hours of construction with Lego blocks.
17. Swinging on the clothesline
18. What's the time Mr Wolf – One person is Mr Wolf and everyone chants “What’s the time Mr Wolf” Mr Wolf calls out a number and has to count to that number with their back turned. Everyone else has to sneak up to the wolf during that time. When Mr Wolf turns back around anyone still moving is out. The aim is to make it to the wall without Mr Wolf getting you. At any time Mr Wolf can call out Lunch Time – then everyone has to run back to the end without getting caught.
19. kick the can – a can is place in a circle in the middle of the field. One person is it. Someone else kicks the can as hard as they can and everyone has to hide. They have until the person who is it can kick the can back into the circle then they have to make their way back to the centre without being seen to move. If the person is it sees you move then you’re out. If someone makes it back to the centre they kick the can and it all starts again. If no-one makes it back, the last person to be out is it.
20. hide & seek – one person is the seeker and they count to a number whilst everyone else hides. The seeker then has to try and find everyone.
21. handstands & cartwheels – doing handstands and cart wheels on the lawn. How many could you do, how long could you stay up for. Could you do a one-handed cartwheel etc?
22. Four Square – large square divided up into quarters. Top left is the king, next to him is the queen, underneath the king is the jack and then the slave. Bounce the ball from one square to another where the aim is to become the King. If someone misses they become the slave and everyone else except the King moves up one spot.
23. Poison Ball – Starts with one person on each side of a large rectangle and everyone else in the middle. The two people then throw the ball at those in the middle. If you get hit you become a thrower. If you catch the ball you are safe. Goes on until there is only one person left in the middle.
24. Duck, Duck Goose – everyone sits in a circle and one person walks around patting each person on the head saying “Duck”. When the person picks a “Goose” they both run around the circle and first one back takes the spot in the circle and the other person goes around to pick the Goose.
25. Who Stole the cookie from the cookie jar – there is a cookie on the stool Everyone sits down and shuts their eyes and one person is tagged as the cookie thief. Everyone sings “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”. One person is picked to start and they say “ stole the cookie from the cookie jar”. The named person, if they don’t have the cookies says “Who me, but it couldn’t be”. Everyone sings “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” and the named person picks someone else until the cookie is found.
26. Doggy Doggy who's got your bone – everyone sits in a circle. One person is the dog in the middle with the bone. They shut their eyes and one person in the circle comes to get the bone. Everyone sings “Doggy, doggy who’s got your bone, someone stole it from your home. Wake up Doggy!”. The doggy then has to find the bone. When the bone is found the person with the bone becomes the dog.
27. Streets & alleys – played with a group. One person is the cop and the other is the robber and one person is the caller. Everyone else is lined up in a grid with their arms out. The aim is for the cop to catch the robber but each time the caller calls out Street everyone has to turn left, or right if they call out Alley.
28. Yahtze – five dice that you roll. The aim of the game is to try and get all the dice with the same number. You get five rolls each turn.
29. Checkers – Played by two people – line your pieces up on the checkerboard and try to get as many of your pieces to the other side without them being captured. A piece is captured by the other person when their piece can jump your piece ie a space on the other side of your piece.

Shiitake said...

30. Hangman – One person picks a word and draws dashes on the paper for each letter. The other person has to guess a letter. Each time they get one wrong another piece of the hangman gets added until the person either guesses the word and they win, or the hangman is completed and they lose.
31. Squares – Paper with a grid of dots. Each person takes turns to join two dots with a line. If a person completes a square they put their initials inside. The aim is to complete as many squares as possible.
32. Rovers – This was a kicking version of baseball. You kicked the ball and ran to the next base etc. Team with the most home wins.
33. Skipping Rope – single or double dutch. Various rhymes that go with this eg Helicopter, Helicopter please come down, do your duties on the ground, if you don’t we’ll shoot you down - then you count how many jumps until someone misses a jump. Or Teddy Bear, teddy bear turn around, teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground…and you do the actions whilst skipping.
34. Snakes & Ladders – board game where your roll the dice and progress around the board. If you land on a ladder you get to go up the board to where the ladder ends, if you land on a snake you go down to the snakes tail.
35. King of the castle – everyone goes to the edge of the playground then everyone runs to the fort in the middle. The person that gets to the top of the fort first is the King of the Castle and everyone else are Dirty Rascals.
36. Musical chairs – everyone has a chair laid out in a circle. One chair gets taken away and everyone walks/skips/runs around until the music stops. When the music stops the person without the chair is out. Keeps going until only one chair is left.
37. Pass the parcel – birthday game where a present is wrapped up in multiple layers and the parcel gets handed around the circle with music playing. When the music stops the person with the parcel gets to unwrap a layer. The person that unwraps the last layer wins the prize.
38. Blind Mans Bluff – One person is the blind man with their eyes shut and they have to find everyone else.
39. Marco Polo – Played in the pool, one person has their eyes shut and has to find people by calling out Marco. Everyone else has to call out Polo. You can get out of the pool but if the person who is it calls “Fish out of Water” then those in the pool are out.
40. Charades – One person has to act out a word, phrase or thing for others to guess. No talking allowed.
41. Pictionary – One person has to draw a word, phrase or thing for others to guess. No writing allowed.
42. Totem Tennis – pole with a tennis ball attached and two people hitting it from side to side
43. Monkey Bars – Metal bars that you hang and swing from. How long could you stay upside down for, how long could you swing for, could you do a back flip off the bars?
44. Hula Hoops – round hoops that you swing around your body and/or body parts. How many can you get going at once? Can you get the hoop to move up and down?
45. London Bridge – Two people form the bridge with their arms and everyone else walks under it whilst singing the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”. The bridge “falls down” at the end of the rhyme and the person that falls upon has to take the place of one of the bridge people.

Shiitake said...

46. Chinese Whispers – everyone sitting in a circle, one person starts by whispering a sentence into the other person’s ear and that person whispers it to the next. You’re not allowed to repeat what you said. Then the last person stands up and tells everyone what they heard and compare that to what was originally said.
47. British Bulldog – two teams. One team in the middle of the field and one team at the side. The team at the side has to run across to the other side without people getting caught.
48. Playing house
49. Playing doctors & nurses
50. Playing cowboys & Indians (or star wars)
51. Sandpit – sand with various implements for digging and shaping and making sandcastles– spoons, spades, buckets, cups, bowls.
52. Water trough – trough of water with random containers – funnels, cups etc to play with
53. Hand painting – putting paint onto a smooth flat surface and using your fingers to scrape an image. Then put a piece of paper over the top and voila – instant print.
54. chalk drawing – drawing with chalk on the footpath
55. candle pictures – drawing on paper with white candle then painting over it with water colour paints to reveal the drawing.
56. invisible ink – drawing on paper with lemon juice, let the juice dry then use a hairdryer over the paper to reveal the drawing.
57. Jacks/Knucklebones – set of metal jacks and a ball bounce the ball and pick up one, then bounce the ball again and pick up two etc. Also with plastic (or real) knucklebones
58. Dominoes – the rectangles with the dots that you match up OR lining them up end on end in a pattern then tipping one and watching them fall
59. Slaps – two people each with their hands together, middle fingers touching and then one person tries to slap the hand of the other. Flinching gets you one free slap.
60. Eye Spy – Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with . Everyone else has to guess and the person who gets it right has the next turn.
61. Punch Buggy – Call out “Punch Buggy ” and punch the other person on the arm when you see a VW. Extra punches if it has a split rear windscreen or other special type .
62. Playing with a cardboard box – how many things can you make from a cardboard box? Car, Train, tunnel, house, trailer, rocket ship, plane etc
...The End... =)

Mrs. Lucky said...

Looks like I have some reading to do (very happily) Shiitake! Thank you very much for your huge contribution. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm not good with explanations as I'm too busy having fun to take the time.
1 The A team (played years in end)
2 Murderer in the dark
3 Lion's Den
4 Helicopter (with the skipping rope)
5 Four Square
6 Elastics
7 Hide and seek chasey
8 Knucklebones
9 Spoons
10 Dress ups
11 Radio shows
12 Simple Simon
13 Cubbies
14 Oranges and Lemons
15 The family coach
16 Simon Says
17 What's the time Mr Wolf
18 Please mother may I
19 Duck Duck Goose
20 Drawing on the walls (shhhh it wasn't me it was my brother. Honest. No really!)

Kim Threlfo said...

Thought I would add some more now the kids are in bed :)
Red Rover Cross Over: One person stands in the middle, while the rest of the kids stand at one end facing the person who id 'in'. The centre person calls out "Red Rover Cross Over" and everyone runs trying to get to the other 'safe' side with out being tipped. If you are tipped, you become a tipper with the person in the middle who calls again "red rover cross over". the last man standing wins!
Musical Chairs: Set out chairs (The amount of chairs should always be one less than the amount of people playing) As music is played, the group circle the chairs in the same direction. When the music stops, the players sit at the nearest chair. The person who misses out sits out and each round another chair is taken until there is 1 chair and 2 players. The person who gets the last chair when the music stops wins.
Pass the Parcel: A parcel is passed around a circle of children while music is played. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel removes a layer. A small priza is found between each layer. When the last layer is unwrapped, a special prize is found inside
Freeze Game: Music is played. When the music stops, each palyer has to feeze like a statue. If the judge catches them moving they are out. Last man standing wins
Animal Freeze: When the music stops, instead of freezing the players have to act like an animal that the leader stipulates ie they stop the music and yell 'monkey' and the participants jump around like monkeys. This is a game just for fun with no winners
Pin the Tail on the donkey: Participants are given a sticky tail. They are then blind folded and guided towards a poster of a donkey where they guess where the tail should be. The person closest to where the tail should be wins!
Sack races: Kids are given a sack each. They line up at the start line. The leader yells go and the participant race jumping in their sacks to the finish lin
Egg and spoon race: Participants are each given a spoon with an egg on it. They hold the egg out and race each other to the finish. The person who reaches the finish line first with their egg in tact, wins.
Three legged Race: Participants reace in pairs with one leg of one participant tied to the leg of the other participant. The racers must time their run in sinc to reach the finish line. Fastest pair wins

Kim Threlfo said...

...and some more
Concentration: A deck of cards filled with paris are shuffled and laid out face down. Players take turns turning over two cards. If they turn over a pair they keep the cards and have another turn. If they are not a pair, it is the next persons turn. The person with the most pairs wins
Doll house: A large wooden or plastic dolls house filled with minuature furniture and dolls for pretend play
Farms: Miniature platic fences and farm animals set up like a real farm used for pretend play
Swors Fights" Using sticks or plastic swords and hitting them together in a pretend sword fight
Trampolining: Jumping alone or with a friend on a trampoline, jumping on you bottom, your back and doing somosaults and bouncing into the air
Sandcastles: Building sand into big castles and decorating with sticks, shells or flowers
Cardboard box cars: Creating a car out of an old cardboard box then sitting in it and pretending to drive around
Cardboard box house: Creating a house out of a bigger size cardboard box, included cut out door ways and windows
Collage in a cardboard box: Making a scene within a cardboard box turned on its side but cutting out tree shapes or underwater shapes and gluing them inside
Tree swing: Tying a tyre to a tree and swinging through the air!
Sprinkler play: Turning on the sprinkler and running through the water on a hot day
Slp'n'slide: The slip and slide mat is a long thin piece of plastic that you lay across a grassy surface. The hose plugs into the end and the water squirts onto the platic through small holes. Players take a run up and launch themselves onto the plastic and slide tothe end. Best played on a slope.

Kim Threlfo said...

and some more...
Walk the plank: Lay a plank of woord over bricks at either end. Players walk across the plank and pretend they are jumping from a boat into the ocean
Cowboys and Indians: One group of players are the cowboys, the other are the indians. The cowboys carry pretend guns, the indians have feather hats. They ride pretend horses and chase each other and play war.
Pinch-a-bum: This is a game my dad played with us where he would chase us around the house piching his fingers saying "pich-a-bum' and playfully pinching us
Race car driver: My dad would lay on his back and we would sit on his tummy holding his thrumbs. We would start the car by putting petrol in his mouth and twisting his nose for the ignition. He would make car noises and twist side to side till we would fall off him laughing.
The tickle monster: My dad and I would lay in bed under the covers. My mum would come down the hall and jump under the covers tickling us both yelling "tickle monster"
Army men: Set up plastic army men at either end of the hallway. Opposing players would take turns throwing marbles at the opposition, trying to knock down as many as possible The one with the most standing at the end, wins.
teddy bears picnic: Lay out a picnic blanket on the ground and sit all your favoutite teddys on it. Use a play tea set and serve lunch to them
Hairdressers: Sit a doll or a friend in front of the mirror and pretend to cut and style their hair
Shops: Using a play cash register and pretend money one person is the shopkeeper and one is the customer. The customer selects items from the pretend shop and pays the shop keeper with the pretend money
Playdough: A colourful dough that can be moulded into different shapes to make models and cut to make cookie type shapes

Kim Threlfo said...

Hopscotch: With chalk,draw a template on concrete consiting of eight squares aranged 1,2,3, then 4,5 joined, 6 standing alone and then 7,8 joined together with a semi circle and the word 'home' at the end. Stand at the number 1 square and throw a rock into the square, then hop onto the1 square then back again to the beginning. On the next trow, roll you rock onto the 2 square then hop onto the 1 square, then the 2 and back again. The 4 and 5 and 7 and 8 squares are jumped upon instead of hopped on.
Piggy in the middle: 3 players. Thwo stand on either end and one in the middle. The two outer player throw the ball to each other attempting to evade the middle player, or the 'piggy in the middle'. If the piggy gets the ball, the player who threw it becomes the pig. Great game when their sre three kids.
Queenie: A single player 'Queenie' stands with their back to a group of others and throws the ball over their head without seeing who caught it. the other players chant "Queenie, queenie, who's got the ball, is she big or is she small or is she like and applecore?". They gather togeether and the person who caught the ball tries to hide the fact. If queenie guesses correctly she stays as queenie, but if she guesses incorectly the one who caught it becomes queenie.
Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, turn the dishes over. Two palyers hold hand and sing the above song, swinging their arms together and turning as they say "turn the dishes over' while still holding hands.
Sheet cubbies: Using sheets draped over bunk beds or tables to make a cubby
Dress ups: Using a variety of adult clothing, hats or costumes to dress up as different characters
Heads down thumbs up: $ people satnd out the front and the rest of the room put their heads down and their thumbs up. The fron tpeople walk around the room and touch a selected person on the thumbs. After everyone has picked, the ones who had their thumbs touched stand up and try to guess who touched them

Mrs. Lucky said...

Love reading through all those games that you all used to play with and some take me right back to my childhood as well. Thank you everyone and Kim, you have a great list there. Just make sure you are a follower as well to win please (I cannot quite locate your name on the followers list. If you are already a member, please do let me know). Great entries!

Mrs. Lucky said...

The competition has ended and I would like to thank each and every entrant for their contribution. I will be announcing the first 3 winners shortly, but don't forget, each and every Melbournian entrant will also be able to claim a %20 discount from Organic Origins. I need each entrant to leave me their e-mail address or e-mail me ( for me to be able to provide you with further details. Thank you in advance.

Mrs. Lucky said...

I have e-mailed each entrant that I was able to access to the e-mail address of with the competition results and some detailed information. If I have missed you, please send me an e-mail ( by Wednesday, 17th of October 2012. I will also make an entry soon to make it public. Thank you all!

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